Amazon has zero tolerance for bad actors. Amazon caught three bad actors attempting to sell products at egregious prices, immediately closed their accounts and referred them to the New York Attorney General’s office. In partnership with Amazon, the New York Attorney General’s office picked up the investigation and pursued the bad actors. Today, the New York Attorney General announced that she has reached a settlement that protects customers and holds the bad actors accountable.

You can see the indictment and press release here: https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/2020/attorney-general-james-stops-three-amazon-sellers-price-gouging-hand-sanitizer

Statement from Amazon:
Amazon does not allow price gouging in our store. We refer the most egregious bad actors to relevant state attorneys general and we are grateful that the New York Attorney General has continued to pursue this case and hold these bad actors accountable. Our teams monitor our store 24/7, remove offers and suspend selling accounts that violate our policies, and report bad actors to law enforcement. We will continue to fight against bad actors who attempt to take advantage of this global health crisis.

You can read more about how Amazon protects customers from price gouging, below: