SAN FRANCISCO and LAS VEGAS, April 16, 2024 -- Today at its Relate global conference, Zendesk announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Anthropic to offer faster, more efficient, and accurate AI features. Zendesk will utilize Amazon Bedrock, a service for building and scaling generative AI applications, and Anthropic's industry-leading Claude 3 model family to offer its 100,000+ customers the flexibility to deploy sophisticated LLMs for each unique customer interaction.

"AI is transforming customer and employee interactions, and soon, it will shape virtually all of them. This transformation requires mastery and efficient deployment of the best LLM technology available," said Adrian McDermott, chief technology officer of Zendesk. "Our long-standing partnership with AWS and work with Anthropic means our customers have a CX platform and choice of powerful LLMs to help them set a new standard for service, with AI and automation providing support quickly and effortlessly."

"There's never been a more important time to redefine what's possible in customer engagement and support. By harnessing Amazon Bedrock's fully managed capabilities to build generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI, Zendesk is set to empower businesses worldwide to deliver more personalized, efficient, and intuitive support experiences," said Atul Deo, General Manager of Amazon Bedrock at AWS. "Together, Zendesk and AWS are committed to ensuring that businesses are equipped with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape."

Zendesk uses AI to transform CX by providing intelligent, instant responses to customer queries, eliminating the need for coding or expensive model development. Its foundational models are designed and trained using decades of CX data and industry-specific insights, saving Zendesk customers hundreds of hours each week. When these capabilities are further enhanced by Amazon Bedrock and Anthropic's Claude 3 models, Zendesk customers can expect:

  • Intelligent, immediate support: Anthropic's Claude 3 models integrated with the Zendesk platform allows businesses to deliver empathetic, real-time responses, cutting down on wait times and boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Personalized customer interactions: Zendesk's CX data and deep industry-specific insights, combined with Anthropic's powerful AI models and AWS, enable support that is customized and aware of the context, fitting each customer's need.
  • Better support for agents: AI-powered tools help agents by quickly providing the right information, suggesting appropriate responses, and automating repetitive tasks, so they can focus on more complex and valuable customer needs.

For example, a global retailer facing seasonal spikes in demand can now achieve unprecedented levels of quality customer support with a combination of Zendesk, AWS and Anthropic. Human and AI Agents are able to use Zendesk generative AI capabilities and Claude to understand sentiment and provide a level of support that is empathetic to a customer's unique needs. These tools also adapt and improve from every interaction, enabling companies to identify trends and implement improvements in real-time.
"Businesses are embracing AI to improve customer engagement, with 82% of CX business leaders rethinking their entire customer experience with AI," said Kate Jensen, Head of Revenue at Anthropic. "By integrating Anthropic's Claude 3 model family with Zendesk and Amazon Bedrock, businesses gain a powerful and trusted AI solution that leverages Claude's multilingual capabilities, exceptional writing skills, and ability to understand nuanced conversational context. These strengths enable businesses to provide more personalized, efficient, and effective customer support across various languages and channels, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction scores, increased loyalty, and revenue growth."

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