BANGKOK—May 30, 2024— Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, today announced that aCommerce, the largest ecommerce enabler in Southeast Asia, has launched the pioneering new generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered feature AskIQ into its Market Insights suite on AWS. Market Insights, a SaaS platform, provides the world’s leading brands with invaluable competitor and category performance tracking capabilities from the biggest ecommerce sites in Southeast Asia.

Market Insights offers real-time dashboards and interactive reports for brands to monitor competitor performance, pricing, top products, customer sentiment, promotions, and crucially – their own market share. It enables vendors to uncover patterns, identify trends, personalize campaigns, and make data-driven decisions. 

AskIQ is the region’s first ecommerce data platform to use generative AI to enhance sellers’ data analysis and visualization capabilities. With AskIQ, ecommerce companies across Southeast Asia can query more than 100 billion competitor datapoints, including category performance, market trends, competitor pricing, and top selling products using natural language. The scalability, agility, and speed of AWS helps AskIQ analyze hundreds of terabytes of data in seconds, granting ecommerce vendors a unified view of their brand, category, or competitor performance. The solution on AWS is helping customers like Nestle increase sales by up to 71% annually on Lazada and more than double on Shopee. Babi Mild, a leading brand of baby care products in Thailand, also saw a 59% increase in sales on Shopee over 12 months.

“Gen AI isn't just automating tasks, it's automating intelligence across e-commerce channels. From personalized recommendations to smarter inventory management, it's the key to unlocking exponential growth,” said Vijay Sarathi Gollapalli, Research Manager – Retail Insights, IDC Asia/Pacific. “Gen AI provides the edge needed to analyze customer behavior, predict demand, and create dynamic, personalized experiences that convert visitors into loyal customers. By tapping into customer data like what they buy, how they browse, and who they are, businesses can customize marketing efforts and enhance the shopping experience for every individual.”

Southeast Asia’s ecommerce industry is forecast to grow from USD$194 billion to over USD$330 billion by 2025. Ecommerce vendors across the region face growing volumes of complex data. Powered by AWS’s generative AI capabilities, AskIQ allows users to easily create custom analytics dashboards by asking simple natural language questions like "What were the top-selling smart phones on Shopee last quarter?" or “what are the top bestselling face creams containing the word ‘organic’?”. The AI analyzes consumer trends, pricing, competitor performance, and product data to generate visualized insights without needing specialized technical skills.

  • aCommerce uses Amazon Redshift, a cloud data warehouse, to store data, including pricing, consumer reviews, and product information.
  • aCommerce built its natural language business dashboard for users with Amazon Q in QuickSight, a generative BI assistant that makes it easy to build and consume insights. This helps customers access ecommerce insights through custom dashboards and enhance business productivity faster with generative AI for better data analysis and immediate, relevant information and advice.

"Our collaboration with AWS allows clients to double down on their core competencies and business priorities," said Leena Chanvirach, VP of Data Products at aCommerce Group. "At the same time, they can harness the power of AI and data-driven insights on our platform to make well-informed, strategic decisions that drive growth. This best-of-both-worlds approach gives brands a competitive edge without the burden of building and maintaining sophisticated data infrastructure in-house."

“The ecommerce industry in Southeast Asia is evolving rapidly, and industry leaders are using cloud technology to remain competitive as the marketplace matures,” said Vatsun Thirapatarapong, Country Manager, AWS Thailand. “aCommerce has built a remarkably intuitive solution on AWS that makes understanding complex data easy and fast, allowing brands to stay ahead of demand while providing the best possible service. Generative AI is changing how we interact with data, and aCommerce is using the technology to make pleasing customers easy.”

AWS has a long-term commitment to customers and local communities in Thailand, pledging to invest more than $5 billion over 15 years and training more than 50,000 Thai individuals in cloud skills since 2017.

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