Press release Issues Statement Regarding Random Price Testing

September 27, 2000 at 12:00 AM EDT

SEATTLE--September 27, 2000— today issued the following statement regarding random price testing:

Some news reports over the last several weeks have incorrectly characterized a recent random price test as a test based on customer demographic information. These reports were incorrect and were not based on the facts.

Contrary to these reports, varied the discount levels on a totally random basis, not with respect to customer demographic information. The purpose of the test was to determine how much sales are affected by lower prices. In retrospect, this random testing was a mistake, and we regret it because it created uncertainty and complexity for our customers, and our job is to simplify shopping for customers. That is why, more than two weeks ago, in response to customer feedback, we changed our policy to protect customers should we ever do random price testing again (and currently we have no plans to do so). Now, if we ever do such a test again, we'll automatically give customers who purchased a test item the lowest test price for that item at the conclusion of the test period—thereby ensuring that all customers pay the lowest available price. Under this new policy, by Sept. 14, we had refunded to 6,896 customers an average of $3.10 as a result of the DVD random price test.

“We've never tested and we never will test prices based on customer demographics,” said founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. “What we did was a random price test, and even that was a mistake because it created uncertainty for customers rather than simplifying their lives. The policy we put in place two weeks ago removes that uncertainty.”

Some details about the DVD pricing test:

--68 DVD titles

--over a five-day period

--discount levels tested: 20% to 40%

--6,896 customers refunded an average of $3.10

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