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AWS Announces Pay-per-Session Pricing for Amazon QuickSight

May 31, 2018 at 12:00 AM EDT

Amazon QuickSight is the first business analytics service to offer pay-per-session pricing, making it even more cost-effective for organizations to allow all users access to analytics

Users can access Amazon QuickSight dashboards for just $0.30 per session

Rio Tinto, NFL, Siemens, Volvo, and AutoTrader are among the many customers deploying Amazon QuickSight with pay-per-session pricing

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 31, 2018-- Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company (NASDAQ: AMZN), today announced pay-per-session pricing for Amazon QuickSight. Amazon QuickSight is a fast, cloud-powered, business analytics service that makes it easy for all users within an organization—regardless of their technical skill—to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from their data. With pay-per-session pricing, any user can have read-only access to interactive, data driven dashboards in Amazon QuickSight and pay only when they’ve accessed these dashboards. This makes Amazon QuickSight an even more cost-effective way for customers to make personalized business analytics available to everyone, whether they have tens, hundreds, or thousands of users. Pay-per-session pricing for Amazon QuickSight dashboards starts at $0.30 per session up to a maximum of $5 per user, per month, and is available in Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition in all supported AWS regions. With pay-per-session pricing there are no upfront costs, no annual commitments, and no charges for inactive users. To get started with Amazon QuickSight, visit:

The volume of data that businesses create and process is growing every day. To get the most value from this data, organizations need to make it easy and inexpensive for all users, regardless of technical skill, to access, explore, and use data to derive insights that drive well-informed business decisions. However, the cost and complexity of traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions prohibit most organizations from making analytics ubiquitous. Licensing terms of traditional BI solutions force customers to forecast how many users will need access to the BI system, and to predict the expected access patterns of those users. For customers with tens of thousands of users that have a mix of access patterns (e.g. some need to use the system daily, while others may only need to view reports and dashboards once a month), this leads to either over-provisioning and paying for access they don’t use, or under-provisioning and preventing many users from accessing insights at all. Smaller organizations with tens or hundreds of users lack the scale to justify the large upfront costs of traditional BI licenses. And, while some solutions offer monthly or annual subscriptions, these still require customers to pay full price even for infrequent users.

With the pay-per session pricing from Amazon QuickSight, organizations can give everyone the ability to interact with Amazon QuickSight dashboards and pay only for actual usage of Amazon QuickSight. Because each session is a 30-minute window priced at $0.30, infrequent users only pay for the access they need. Additionally, the $5 per user maximum on monthly charges allows more frequent users to view dashboards as needed, while still allowing organizations to easily predict their maximum spend, giving them the peace of mind that they will not pay too much during unexpected usage spikes. For users that need to do more with Amazon QuickSight, including performing ad-hoc analysis, creating visualizations, and publishing dashboards, full “authoring” capabilities within Amazon QuickSight are available starting at $9 per user, per month.

“With highly scalable object storage in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), data warehousing at one-tenth the cost of traditional solutions in Amazon Redshift, and serverless analytics offered by Amazon Athena, customers are moving data into AWS at an unprecedented pace,” said Dorothy Nicholls, Vice President of Amazon QuickSight at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “What's changed is that virtually all knowledge workers want easy access to that data and the insights that can be derived. It's been cost-prohibitive to enable that access for entire companies until the Amazon QuickSight pay-per-session pricing-- this is a game-changer in terms of information and analytics access.”

Rio Tinto is a leading global mining group that focuses on finding, mining, and processing the Earth's mineral resources. “At Rio Tinto, safety is paramount, and we want to empower everyone to make decisions with the best data available. Amazon QuickSight allows our analysts to create insightful dashboards quickly for our critical risk management programme, enabling us to move from static spreadsheets to interactive data. However, rolling out these dashboards at scale to the field was going to be costly and complicated,” said Anthony Deakin, Chief Advisor - Critical Risk Management at Rio Tinto. “We asked AWS for a better solution, and they listened. Readers in Amazon QuickSight, with pay-per-session pricing, will help us scale the dashboards to more end-users across the world and only pay for what we use.”

The National Football League is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams, and the most popular sports league in the United States. “Through the use of technology and our Next Gen Stats platform we have been gathering a large amount of data, leading to new metrics and insights. Along the way we have been looking for ways to best visualize and provide access to those data insights, but what is important to us is to provide our Clubs a secure and easy way to access this information,” said Matt Swensson, Vice President, Emerging Products and Technology at the NFL. “Amazon QuickSight will allow us to quickly build fast, interactive dashboards that will seamlessly integrate with our Next Gen Stats applications. With the Amazon QuickSight Readers and pay-per-session pricing, we are able to extend these secure, customized and easy to use dashboards for each Club without having to provision servers or manage infrastructure – all while only paying for actual usage. We love the direction, and look forward to expanding use of Amazon QuickSight.”

Siemens AG is a global leader in the fields of industry, energy, and healthcare and for infrastructure solutions. “The Amazon QuickSight Reader role is perfect for operational dashboards, as it allows secure, fast and cost-effective access to interactive data,” said Massimiliano Ponticelli, Product Manager for Manufacturing Operation Management, Siemens PLM Software. “As a cloud-based solution, Amazon QuickSight automatically scales to our needs. The combination of being able to connect to data from a private Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), authenticate users via SAML, easily author dashboards with drill downs and rich visuals, and allow read-only access to a large audience - without any infrastructure management, and with pay-per-session pricing - makes it the obvious choice. We look forward to enabling more customers on our platform.”

Volvo Group Connected Solutions leverages data and technology to take service innovation and development to the next level within the Volvo Group, a leader in commercial vehicles. “As we accelerate our AWS adoption journey, timely visibility to cost and usage information has become critical to cost awareness among our development teams. The Amazon QuickSight native integration with Amazon Athena makes it the ideal serverless analytics solution,” said Anders Rahm-Nilzon, Cloud Manager at Volvo Group Connected Solutions. “With Amazon QuickSight pay-per-session pricing, we can easily extend access to interactive dashboards across our teams and only pay for what we use. Amazon QuickSight dashboards allow us to easily provide a customized, interactive view for each team, and let team leads glance at trends and KPIs, quickly filter data or drill down to the details. The move from static email reports and ad-hoc analysis to always-available data in Amazon QuickSight has been great!”

Auto Trader Group plc is the UK and Ireland’s largest digital automotive marketplace. “Timely access to relevant data is the key to success in our business. Amazon QuickSight has enabled our analysts to move from static graphs and dashboards to fast, interactive dashboards automatically updated with the latest data. The native integration with Amazon Athena has allowed faster time to analysis and saved us effort involved in additional data curation,” said Jim Stamp, Head of Product - Data Engineering at Auto Trader UK. “With the new pay-per-session pricing for dashboard access, we can extend interactive dashboards with a focused consumption experience to the entire team, with the assurance that we only pay when we use the product. The serverless nature of Amazon QuickSight aligns with our vision for the data platform, with no infrastructure management needed to scale across the company! We look forward to enabling more use cases in Amazon QuickSight.”

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