Press release

Public entities and enterprises worldwide accelerate adoption of Amazon Business

March 15, 2021 at 6:00 AM EDT

Amazon Business is helping organizations across the globe reshape their procurement

March 15, 2021 – Amazon Business is a global procurement solution now used by over five million businesses, ranging from sole proprietors to multinational enterprises with tens of thousands of employees on a single account.

Since launching in the U.S. in 2015, we have expanded to eight additional countries, including Canada in October 2019. Additionally, we reached $25 billion in worldwide annualized sales, more than half of which are from third-party sellers. More than 80 of the Fortune 100 companies currently use Amazon Business, including Citigroup, Intel, Cisco, and ExxonMobil. Here’s what some of our Canadian customers have said about using Amazon Business:

  • “As a Well-Run City, we value partners who prioritize service excellence and Amazon Business delivers that. Through COVID-19 specifically, we’ve appreciated its speed and reliability. This has allowed us to adjust quickly and effectively in our own business operations, delivering greater value to our end user – our community.” – Natalie Stogdill, Strategic Communications, City of Brampton
  • “With the simplicity of placing and receiving orders, and the vast selection of products, Amazon Business creates solutions to help Earls receive larger and consolidated shipments, making Amazon a choice for us to discover new procurement opportunities in the future.” – Claudia Vorlaufer, Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer, Earls Kitchen & Bar
  • “One item I really appreciate is approval workflow. This has allowed us to eliminate a workflow we were using in our Enterprise Resource Planning system to secure approval of higher value purchases.” – Curtis Terry, Director, Finance Relic Entertainment, Inc.
  • “At the City of Kelowna, we have warmly welcomed the ability to consolidate much of our online retail shopping and non-contracted spend executed by staff to a single Amazon Business account. This increases our ability to manage expenses with access to business-only pricing and valuable bulk discounts. We believe the use of an Amazon Business account aligns with our ‘best practice’ strategies for our business and accounting focuses.” – Darren Tompkins, SCMP Manager of Purchasing, City of Kelowna
  • “Adding Amazon Business as one of our suppliers has made ordering easier, faster, and more convenient for all involved. It’s basically a one-stop shop for everything we need.” – Mahawa Camara, Corporate Buyer, Québec et Maritimes

What makes Amazon Business unique is that we enable hundreds of thousands of third-party sellers to sell to businesses of all sizes. As a company, Amazon spends billions of dollars every year to help small- and medium-sized businesses around the globe succeed. In Canada alone, 30,000 Canada-based third-party sellers – many of which are SMBs – grossed more than $1 billion on in 2019 (an increase of 40% year-over-year), and more than $2 billion on Amazon’s stores around the world. Canadian SMBs also had an average of $110,000 in sales* – up year-over-year from about $65,000.

Here’s what some of our sellers – both small and large – have said about using Amazon Business:

  • “In 2020, we experienced a notable sales increase. The pandemic has certainly brought its share of challenges for SMBs like ours, but Amazon Business has allowed us to adapt and significantly improve the logistics of our business. Given our numerous daily deliveries to customers across Canada, it is crucial for us to be confident in the service we use. Amazon Business allows us to achieve our goals and increase our order entry capabilities.” – Linda Morency, Vice President of Business Development, La Clef de Sol
  • “We use Amazon Business to complement our existing distribution model and reach a broader range of business customers. We look forward to a more streamlined approach to identifying, approving and tracking delivery of the products our teams need both in the office and in our manufacturing plants.” – Lisa Citton-Battel, Director, Consumer Business Group, 3M Canada

Looking ahead, we continue listening to feedback from customers and selling partners. We are obsessed with innovating on their behalf to deliver what they need to be successful in meeting the demands of the future workplace. We are excited about what we have accomplished over the last six years, and look forward to what lies ahead. 

*Data reflects the 12-month period ending October 3, 2020.