London - Jun. 18, 2024—Blink, an Amazon company, today announced Blink Moments, a new video viewing experience that automatically combines clips captured across Blink cameras into a streamlined video. Moments is currently rolling out, and will be fully available to global Blink Plus Plan Subscription customers in the coming weeks.

“The Blink app is core to the customer experience, and we’ve invested in making it easier and more intuitive, from modernising our home screen to now reinventing our clip list. Moments is a whole new way for our customers to engage with their footage,” said Jonathan Cohn, head of product at Blink. “Whether it’s their family playing outside, packages being delivered, or pets exploring the garden, Blink Moments combines the moments that matter into one video.”

See the Full Story with Blink Moments
Today, Blink customers have an average of three cameras per household and generate hundreds of motion events. With a large volume of footage, manually scrolling through individual clips can be time-consuming. Moments solves this by combining various clips into one condensed story. In doing so, it delivers added value by providing customers with an easier way to interact with their footage.

Seamless Integration with All Blink Cameras
As customers add more cameras to their homes, Blink Moments will seamlessly integrate with each new device. Best of all, Moments works with all current and prior generations of Blink’s battery-powered and plug-in devices, giving customers ultimate flexibility for whole-property coverage so they never miss an important event.
Create Engaging Stories to Enjoy, Save, and Share
While Blink’s cameras keep homes secure, they also capture heartwarming, funny, and unexpected footage. With a unique window into what happens in and around customers’ homes, Blink footage reveals events they would have never seen otherwise. By turning users’ favourite individual clips into shareable, comprehensive Moments, customers can watch the full story unfold from multiple perspectives. Users can easily download the video to their smartphone and share from the Blink app anywhere—from social media to the family group chat.

Blink Plus Plan Subscription Benefits
Blink Moments brings even more value to the Blink Plus Plan Subscription, which already offers additional features such as person detection, live view recording, up to 30 days of video cloud storage, and motion detection video recording. Customers can also stream up to 90 minutes of continuous live view per session—all through the Blink app. Blink Plus Plan Subscriptions are available £8 a month or £80 a year and support an unlimited number of devices per account.